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Hack your Routine


Z-BTN is the “Thank God” solution

A combination of "Hardware+Software" solution allows you to track your work hours and fill in your timesheets easier than ever before without leaving your favourite Project Management App.

Helping freelancers, small companies and other individuals to reduce time on tracking work hours and filling their timesheets at the end of the day or week with simplicity and fun.

Key Features



Small Busness

Focus on your work

Forget about switching between your working application and your Project Management System.

Save your time

Every member of your team loses approximately 45 minutes in a week. Z-BTN decreases that number into 2 minutes, which will be spent only once just to set up the service/hardware device.

Setup in seconds

Just connect it to your computer or mobile device using Bluetooth or USB, add your favorite Project Management System and there you go

Works on Mobiles and Wearables

Use Z-BTN with your smartphone/watch and enjoy your smart time management using your favorite Project Management App anywhere and anytime without a computer.

PDF reports on the Go

Configure automatic sending of generated timesheet reports to your Boss or Client at the end of the day.

Connected with your PMA

Z-BTN supports all various Project Management Apps like Inbaza, Wrike, Toggl, Trello, PivotalTracker etc.

And much more...

How it works?

Using Bluetooth LE 4 technology all required information about your task is downloaded right from your favorite task management app, stand alone desktop app, or mobile app, to your Z-BTN device. The designed user interface gives you easy access to your next or previous tasks in only a few clicks, right from your Z-BTN device.

Desktop Application

With this simple user interface you can easily add your tasks and connect Z-BTN to various Project Management Apps

Beautiful Reports

At the end of the day or week automatically generated reports will await you.

You will have access to all your tasks and work hours with detailed statistics, analysis and billing ready to print or send to your Boss or Client.


The idea of creating a device and a service was prompted by our work on the ever-increasing number of projects at Spalmalo Inc. Knowledge, ideas, realization and everything in the market in the modern world has a common denominator that has become a commodity - time. Nowadays professionals sell the time it takes for them to perform a particular task. Competent and fair counting of working hours has become a difficult task for us as well as for the hundreds of thousands of freelancers, designers, developers, managers, small companies and all of those to whom it is very necessary.

How to make the process effective, simple and fun? How to improve the approach to the calculation of working time? These issues helped us to find a solution.

So the idea began to take real shape. We started from drawings, schematics, layouts, mockups... In the time of the complex issue, there was a simple and tangible solution - Simple, just as clicking a button!

From Mockup to the Real Device

First Protoype

Next prototype features

In the future Z-BTN will be built from aluminium body using a unique pressing mechanism.

Z-BTN uses Bluetooth LE 4.0 that easily connects to desktop computers, smartphones, tablets and smart watches.

Li-Ion battery can work without charging for up to 3 days.

Vibration motor sends vibrations to you through the table, so you can feel it when it needs your attention.

Status LED indicates when your work is in progress or when it is stopped/paused.

Meet our team

Vladislav Luzin

Co-Founder / CEO

Evgenia Krupnova

Co-Founder / CMO

Mikhail Sychev

Co-Founder / CTO

Kalys Osmonov


Ismar Dzhon




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